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Feverfew Herb Capsules 500/bagFEVERFEW-Parkinson's Disease,Inflammation,Digestive Disturbances

Feverfew Herb Powder

Description:1 lb. of Feverfew Herb Powder Common Names: Bachelor's button, featherfew, Santa Maria, wild chamomile

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Feverfew herb (Feverfew Herb Powder)

Latin Name: Tanacetum parthenium
Common Names: Feverfew herb

Origin: United States

People living in rural England have made use of feverfew herb since Anglo-Saxon times, although the common name of tanacetum parthenium actually derives from the Norman-Frenck word febrifuge. While some gardeners consider it an invasive weed, feverfew herb is actually quite attractive, with blooms resembling miniature daisies.

Organic herbs such as bulk feverfew herb are classified among medicinal herbs that act as anti-inflammatories, and were traditionally been used in folk medicine for disorders of the digestive tract. Dried feverfew herb is boiled in water, after which the resulting herb decoction is allowed to cool. It can then be taken as a liquid.

When you buy herbs in bulk, such as wholesale feverfew herb, the

Herbal Natural Cures Remedy reputation for purity is your guarantee. However, please note that medical claims for any dried herbs - even organic herbs - are not usually confirmed or approved by the FDA. Therefore, if you are purchasing bulk herbs for therapeutic reasons, it is best to consult with a trained, licensed herbalist or other healthcare professional before attempting to self-medicate.

Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy.

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